WeChat – An App That’ll Instantly Fall in Love with It

Best Messenger in ChinaThe world’s best messaging app is definitely WeChat. It has a monitoring system which lets to track down daily activities. The option is like a scheduler, it keeps all the messages sent and received on its system so in case a message is deleted it can be retrieved from its system. Losing important messages and other data like photos is usual situation when a phone is lost or reset for various reasons. With the increased production of smartphones, many new applications have made out from different categories of usage. WeChat is certainly one of these applications which lets people send text messages, photos and videos for free over a wireless network. In China alone WeChat has become a daily necessity of life people use it for every need from booking a cab to paying bills, it is more of a social application there. WeChat doesn’t worry about its competition with other social networks like Facebook mainly because WeChat has most of its user base in China where other Social Networks like Facebook and Whatsapp is Blocked. With over 100 million Overseas Chinese origin people who may regularly communicate their friends and family in China also tent to use WeChat.

WeChat has also had many flaws in their system which frequently gets shutdown or hacked! It is worth to mention that more than half of it’s user’s private data very leaked online including data which leads to comprising full privacy of a person. Many websites  have claimed to successfully pass its security and can access user accounts to make payments. This situation is very vulnerable to people who use WeChat. Private data is mostly used to get illegal data to study polling and elections in detail. This has been well seen in 2015’s United States Presidential Elections.

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