Socially Costless Calls Using Viber

People calling each otherSocial media is growing very fast in this decade. Introduced in early 2000s it has gained a lot of attention of people. Even people who didn’t used internet for any reason began using it. Today, a 3rd of this world use the internet. Most new subscribers use social media as their primary purpose of being subscribed to the internet. There are 3 billion social media users of which at-least 2 billion are weekly active users.

Among, many social media applications Viber has come up as a greater competition to already old and successful social media applications. Using Viber people are able to connect to their friends and family. Viber has connected a lot of old friends where, without it they were lost or mostly unconnected. This is one of the main reasons why people use social media.

Viber gives users interesting features like costless voice calling, private chats etc which distinguishes other applications by a mile. Viber has been able to attract a lot of youngsters who look for mostly cheap and best applications or even no cost and good application. Viber has taken the first spot in growth mainly because of these features.

There have been some negative effects of social media too. There has been lots of debates on how social media has negative impacts of people especially young individuals. It has been found that social media causes several types of mental health issues like isolation, anxiety and cyber bullying. It is also worth noting that using social media people lose part of their privacy to public. Social media has also harassed people, it is very common to see people harassing other people on social media. Because of these many people including famous celebrities have either left social networks or have stayed away from it.

Social media also has its positive impacts. Many people have found their long lost ones be it a high school friend, colleague or even a former neighbor. Social media has also been a great way of promoting talents like dancing, singing, acting or even socializing. People like Justin Bieber has used various social media platforms to promote their talent and today many have got to reach their dream. Social media has been a grace for many people. School and various other institutions use social media to reach out to their students.

Lastly, It is logical to say that social media has given people both positive and negative sides. It is up to the people to choose which side they want to use. Social media is both rewarding and evil but in reality it is the people who are evil!

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