Is Super Mario Run Coming for Android?

After the release of Super Mario Run in iPhone devices in December. There have been huge speculations that when will it come for Android Phones which outnumber Apple Devices. The good news is the wait is over. Super Mario Run by Nintendo Limited has already released for Android Phones in March and it has been a hit. This new Mario Game is both very alike and different from its original version. It depends how it is seen. For some people it would be the same as the original with some graphics tweaks and same enemies, monsters and other traps. For the other people it is very different from the original version as now Mario runs by himself and often vault over most traps on its own. Veteran Players of Mario are likely to be happy with the new version of it. The main ingredient of this happiness is probably going to be just the availability of Super Mario Run. Even through a similar game was already available in the name of Super Mario Odyssey.

iPad and iPhone Running Mario

Nintendo has already promised it would work on the limitations of game levels as well as the pricing of its product game. Even through the game itself is not a failure. One primary reason why Nintendo released the game for Android is because of it goals to expand the game’s market. Nintendo is going to have different versions for different smart devices like smartphones and tablets. The results have been so far amazing with more than 90 percent of users outside Japan. Nintendo has already felt the presence of its game in regions where it didn’t have any traditional presence with its console device. Nintendo’s Pokémon Go had also similar results. Though Investors and Tokyo Stock Exchange have a different story.

The main reason for the financial story was because of player’s frustration over the fact that there were very limited free game levels and the cost of the premium version was very high. Players have to eventually pay about $10 once level 2 is completed. That is why they have been using SMR Hack to get the premium levels playable without spending a buck!

In Super Mario Run, the main character Mario who is famed for the game and of course his jumping ability has the same design with little graphical changes and improvements to its design. The paid game also includes mini-games section where you can play other levels which are out of story. Game items like mushrooms have also been improved with latest up to date technologies. Nintendo didn’t have any plans to announce the game’s release at Apple’s iPhone 7 event but it was made to create the game to bring the plumber back. Nintendo is currently working on Animal Crossing types of games. The games pre-version was already released in Japan but was a shock for the people outside to even know if it existed or is going to be existing,

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