Android Games new App SB Game Hacker

Android smartphones are mostly popular because of of the high tech high power graphics it provides. Many games are free to download but have in-app purchases meaning you might have to purchase let say coins, points or any other game resources to get level up or even play higher levels. This is the way game/app developers make their earning from like for example the developer Imangi Studios of game Temple Run 2 offers the game to downloaded and played for free. However in order to play the game more easily by having a large number of gems which is used by the player to get high scores. Here Imangi Studios offers gems to be brought from in-app store prices ranging from $5 to $100. Many Players purchase these packs and hence the developer company makes a good income.

Now some people have found other apps which is not a game but a game modifier one of them is game hacker or more commonly known as SB Game Hacker. This app lets you modify the game increase the resources and lets you play the game as you want without paying a single penny. There are other apps similar to this but are memory usage is much high and are difficult to operate this app is very small in size uses very small amount of CPU and is extremely easy to operate. It also has no advertisements like other apps and is 100% free to use without any disturbance. Once you install the app open it, It will be minimized towards right side of the screen and then when you open a game it will change it color to green when you tab on it it will give you the option to change the values of specific resources for example for clash of clans game-it give you option to edit the number of gold, Elixr , Dark Elixr and gems. Once you do that press on save button. Now you will have your game play screen where the number of game resources are edited in the way you wanted. The app similarly works for other application games it also lets you remove trail version of some games. For other games like bike racing the modifier lets you manage the speed of bike to make the game much easier with higher score. Unfortunately, the app is only for Android it is not available for iOS or any other Mobile Operating system. This app lets you win the game in most easiest way on earth.

Before installing the game make sure you have allowed you smartphone to install games from ‘other sources’ as this app is not available in Play Store. You also don’t have to worry about the updates and it automatically gets updated from time to time without letting you know. You can download from its official website linked here.

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