American Border Security Essential – TRUMP

America has been the highest imported of immigrants for over 200 years. There is no dispute, every person of this world wants to enjoy the American dollar salary. The US has one of the highest standards of living. Americans and it’s immigrants both legal and illegal enjoy the perks of high standard living and the highest freedom they can get from any other country. USA issues citizenship and green cards to qualified persons who do not burden the economy and disrupt public law and order.

But for the last some decades there has been happening a lot of illegal immigrant entry specially from our southern border. These illegal immigrants causes a lot of problem for both our economy and social disturbance. Because of this most low paying jobs are taken away from fellow americans which has a great impact the already burdened economy and the unemployment rate goes high.

That is why there is a need for proper border security measures to counter illegal immigration and to grant immigration based on quality.

President Trump has already given a node on building a wall on the southern border and various leftist media are opposing it. Let’s get out from our home and support the border fencing.

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