How Do I Explain Social Media to My Mother?

It’s funny when I talk about this subject with my mother, but I really believe my mom has no clue as to what I do for a living. It’s not as simple as saying I’m a Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, or even that I have a job at the post office. I can tell you she really wants to understand what I do and what social media is all about. She would say “what is this Facebook thing all about” So one day I decided to break it all down. As I was trying to explain the various types of social media sites, I could see her eyes starting to glaze over. It was then that I realized that not everyone “gets” social media and, further, not everyone is even aware of the more common social media sites.I decided to provide her with a short list.

  • When you hear Facebook, think high school yearbook
  • When you hear YouTube, think television
  • When you hear Twitter, think telegram
  • When you hear LinkedIn, think Rolodex
  • When you hear Blogs, think newspapers
  • When you hear Google, search engine, or Wikipedia, think encyclopedias

(I love #3)
A-ha! I could see the proverbial light go on! Once I was able to relate these various types of social media sites to something that my mother was already familiar with, suddenly she could not only relate to the concept, but also to the purpose of it all.

I have to admit that she has not signed up for Facebook yet, and anytime I take pics she says to me “Don’t you put that on Facebook”. I’m hoping soon that she will jump on board, because all of our family members are on Facebook even my 83 year old aunt, and my mom could really stay up to date with everyone because we all live in different states and it would help her to see what is going on in everyone’s life each day versus making that once a month phone call.

Social Media Networks

There is also an other social media app Snapchat I am a user of it. It is a photo sharing social media. My mom isn’t a user of it as always however she loves the applications hack version of Snapchat which allows her to add custom filers like photo editing. I personally like a filter where I get to edit my face into a pet animal like rabbit or sometime even a angle. The application is really nice. I’ve become a fan of it. One of the image I used to filter is show.

Does your mom understand social media?